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Wales history & genealogy in pdf and Kindle files for PC/Laptop and Mac on a DVD
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Wales history & genealogy in pdf and Kindle files for PC/Laptop and Mac on a DVD
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Location : NR304JS, Norfolk
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Wales history & genealogy in pdf and Kindle files for PC/Laptop and Mac on a DVD

Titles Include..........

Wales by Edwards, Owen Morgan, Sir, 1858-1920

Published 1901

Memorials of old north Wales

by Jones, E. Alfred (Edward Alfred), 1872-1943

Published 1913

Historic Wales, by P. H. Ditchfield.--The church of north Wales, by G. H. Jones.

--The cathedral churches of Bangor and St. Asaph;

The religious houses of north Wales;

The parish churches of north Wales, by H. H. Hughes.--The Eisteddvod, by L. J. Roberts.

--The poetry of north Wales, by Sir Edward Anwyl.--The castles of north Wales, by H. H. Hughes.--Llewelyn the Great; Llewelyn the Last, by W. L. Williams.

--The social and economic conditions of north Wales in the 14th-16th centuries, by Edward Owen.

--The cromlechs of north Wales, by J. E. Lloyd.--Owen Glyndwr, by L. J. Roberts.--Archbishop Williams, by J. A. Price.

--The origin of nonconformity in north Wales, by J. H. Davies.

--Relics, civic plate, regalia, & by E. A. Jones.—Index

The history of Wales

by Powell, David, 1552-1598; Price, John, Sir, 1502-1573; Caradoy of Lhancarvan, d. 1147?

Published 1774

A short history of Wales

by Edwards, Owen Morgan, Sir, 1858-1920

Published 1906

History of Monmouth and Wales Vol 1

by Cochrane, Harry Hayman, 1860-

Published 1894

An analysis of the history of Wales

by Evans, Howell Thomas

Published 1907

Nonconformity in Wales

by Lewis, H. Elvet (Howell Elvet), b. 1860

Published 1904

Heraldic visitations of Wales and part of the marches between the years 1586 & 1613 Vol. 1

by Lewys Dwnn

The Celtic church of Wales

by Willis Bund, J. W. (John William), 1843-1928

Published 1897

Wales and the Welsh church

by Edwards, Henry Thomas, 1837-1884; Jones, David, d. 1785

Published 1889

Tales and sketches of Wales:

by Wilkins, Charles, of Merthyr Tydfil

Published 1879

The history of Wales, written originally in British

by Caradog, of Llancarvan; Llwyd, Richard, 1752-1835

Published 1832

Wales; her origins, struggles and later history, institutions and manners

by Stone, Gilbert, 1886-1967

Published [1915]

Notes on the church in Wales

by Bevan, William Latham, 1821-1908

Published 1905

The history of Wales. : Comprehending the lives and succession of the princes of Wales, from Cadwalader the last king, to Lhewelyn the last prince, of British blood. : With a short account of the affairs of Wales, under the kings of England. (No Kindle Version)

by Caradoc, of Llancarvan, d. 1147; Powell, David, 1552-1598; Price, John, Sir, 1502-1555; Wynne, W. (William), 1649 or 50-1711 Published 1697

The making of modern Wales; studies in the Tudor settlement of Wales

by Williams, William Llewelyn, 1867-

Published 1919

A popular history of the church in Wales; from the beginning to the present day

by De Hirsch-Davies, John Edwin

Published 1912

Wales and the Wars of the Roses

by Evans, Howell Thomas

Published 1915

Some of the great preachers of Wales

by Jones, Owen, M.A

Published 1886

South Wales, historical, biographical and pictorial

Published [1900]

A history of Wales from the earliest times to the Edwardian conquest Vol 1,2

by Lloyd, John Edward, Sir, 1861-1947

Published 1912

Genealogy of Welsh history, with chronological data, and a reference to ... gentry of Wales, England, and Ireland ..

by Harris, J. J. Harries

Published 1852

A history of England and Wales from the Roman to the Norman conquest

by Owen, T. Morgan

Published 1882

History of elementary education in England and Wales from 1800 to the present day

by Birchenough, Charles, 1889-

Published 1914

History of Protestant nonconformity in Wales, from its rise in 1663 to the present time

by Rees, Thomas, 1815-1885

Published 1883

The origina and history of Methodism in Wales and the borders

by Young, David, B.A

Published 1893

Memoirs of the civil war in Wales and the Marches Vol 1,2

by Phillips, John Roland, 1844-1887

Published 1874

Facts and figures about church and dissent in Wales

by Edwards, Alfred George, 1848-1937

Published 1888

The royal tribes of Wales; To which is added an account of The fifteen tribes of north Wales. With numerous additions and notes, preface and index

by Yorke, Philip, 1743-1804; Williams, Richard

Published 1887

The parliamentary history of the principality of Wales, from the earliest times to the present day, 1541-1895

by Williams, William Retlaw, 1863- [from old catalog]

Published 1895

The Bible in Wales: A Study in the History of the Welsh People, with an Introductory Address and JOHN. BALLINGER , James Ifano Jones , Cardiff (Wales ). Public Libraries

Published 1906

An essay on the Welsh saints or the primitive Christians, usually considered to have been the founders of the churches in Wales (No Kindle Version)

by Rees, Rice, 1804-1839

Published 1836

The genealogy and history of the Taintor family : from the period of their emigration from Wales, to the present time

by Taintor, Charles M. (Charles Micaiell), b. 1817

Published 1847

The literature of the Kymry: being a critical essay on the history of the language and literature of Wales

by Stephens, Thomas, 1821-1875

Published 1849

The mediaeval boroughs of Snowdonia; a study of the rise and development of the municipal element in the ancient principality of North Wales down to the Act of union of 1536

by Lewis, Edward Arthur, 1880-

Published 1912

The mediaeval history of Denbighshire. The records of Denbigh and its lordship: bearing upon the general history of the county of Denbigh since the conquest of Wales; by Williams, John, of Wrexham, Wales

Published 1860

The historical works, containing The topography of Ireland and The history of the conquest of Ireland, tr. by Thomas Forrester; The itinerary through Wales, and The description of Wales, tr. by Sir Richard Colt Hoare; by Giraldus, Cambrensis, 1146-1223; Wright, Thomas, 1810-1877 ed; Hoare, Richard Colt, Sir, 1758-1838 tr; Forester, Thomas.

Published 1905

The beauties of England and Wales; introduction to the original delineations, topographical, historical, and descriptive, intituled the Beauties of England and Wales. Comprising observations on the history and antiquities ... together with remarks on the progress of ... architecture in succeeding ages by Brewer, J. N. (James Norris)

Published 1818

A history of the Puritan movement in Wales; from the institution of the Church at Llanfaches in 1639 to the expiry of the Propagation act in 1653

by Richards, Thomas, librarian; Eisteddfod, Neath, Wales, 1918

Published 1920

The church in Wales from the Reformation to the present day : a brief historical sketch in four essays by Vaughan, Herbert M. (Herbert Millingchamp), 1870-1948

Published 1910

Mediaeval Wales, chiefly in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries; six popular lectures

by Little, A. G. (Andrew George), 1863-1945

Published 1902

Enwogion Cymru. A biographical dictionary of eminent Welshmen, from the earliest times to the present, and including every name connected with the ancient history of Wales

by Williams, Robert, 1810-1881

Published 1852

The history of the iron, steel, tinplate and ... other trades of Wales : with descriptive sketches of the land and the people during the great industrial era under review

by Wilkins, Charles, of Merthyr-Tydfil

Published 1903

Wales in the seventeenth century : its literature and men of letters and action

by Morrice, James Cornelius, 1876-

Published 1918

The history of Wales, descriptive of the government, wars, manners, religion, laws, druids, bards, pedigrees and language of the ancient Britons and modern Welsh, and of the remaining antiquities of the principality

by Jones, John, 1772-1837

Published [1824]

The council in the Marches of Wales; a study in local government during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

by Skeel, Caroline A. J

Published 1904

The age of Owain Gwynedd. An attempt at a connected account of the history of Wales from December, 1135, to November, 1170. To which are added several appendices on the chronology & of the period

by Barbier, Paul, 1873-

Published 1908

A history of Kidwelly

by Jones, David Daven

Published 1908

Annals and antiquities of the counties and county families of Wales; containing a record of all ranks of the gentry ... with many ancient pedigrees and memorials of old and extinct families Vol 1,2

by Nicholas, Thomas, 1820-1879

Published 1872

The land question in North Wales, being a brief survey of the history, origin, and character of the agrarian agitation and of the nature and effect of the proceedings of the Welsh Land Commission

by Vincent, James Edmund, 1857-1909

Published 1897

Memoirs of Her late Royal Highness Charlotte-Augusta of Wales, and of Saxe-Coburg ... To which is prefixed, a concise history of the illustrious house of Brunswick, brought down to the present time ..

by Green, Thomas, fl. 1817

Published [1818]

Yale genealogy and history of Wales. The British kings and princes. Life of Owen Glyndwr. Biographies of Governor Elihu Yale ... Linus Yale, sr., and Linus Yale, jr. ... Maurice Fitz Gerald ... Roger de Montgomery ... and other noted persons by Yale, Rodney Horace, 1864-1937

Published 1908

The philosophy of Welsh history

by Morgan, John Vyrnwy, 1860-

Published 1914

A tour round North Wales, performed during the summer of 1798; containing not only the description and local history of the ocuntry but also, a sketch of the history of the Welsh bards; and essay on the language; observations on the manners and customs; and the habitats of above 400 of the more rare native plants.. Volumes 1,2

by Bingley, William, 1774-1823

Published 1800

Welsh reformers : biographical sketches of eminent Welshmen, foremost in promoting the cause of religion in Wales during the Tudor and Stuart dynasties, containing also a memoir of Rowlands, Llangeitho, including his sermons by Hughes, J

Published 1867

Historical notes of the counties of Glamorgan, Carmarthen and Cardigan; and a list of the members of parliament for South Wales, from Henry VIII, to Charles II

by Rowlands, John, Antiquary

Published 1866

A calendar of the register of the Queen's Majesty's Council in the Dominion and Principality of Wales and the Marches of the same [1535] 1569-1591, from the Bodley MS. no. 904

by Wales. Council of the Marches; Flenley, Ralph, 1886-

Published 1916

The literature of the Kymry: being a critical essay on the history of the language and literature of Wales during the twelfth and two succeeding centuries; containing numerous specimens of ancient Welsh poetry in the original and accompanied with English translations by Stephens, Thomas, 1821-1875; Evans, D. Silvan (Daniel Silvan), 1818-1903; Williams, B. T. (Benjamin Thomas), 1832-1890

Published 1876

History of the Welsh Baptists

by Davis, Joanthan, 1786?-1846. [from old catalog]; Thomas, Joshua, 1719-1797. Hanes y Bedyddwyr. [from old catalog]

Published 1835

A history of the county of Brecknock. : In two volumes. ... Vol 2

by Jones, Theophilus, 1758-1812

Published 1805

History of the Welsh Baptists, from the year sixty-three to the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy

by Davis, J. (Jonathan), 1786-1846; Thomas, Joshua, 1719-1797. Hanes y Bedyddwyr

Published 1835

Cardiff records; being materials for a history of the county borough from the earliest times Vol 1,2,3,4,5,6

by Cardiff, Wales. Records Committee; Matthews, John Hobson, ed

Published 1898

South Pembrokeshire, some of its history and records

by Mirehouse, Mary Beatrice

Published 1910

Historical memoranda of Breconshire; a collection of papers from various sources relating to the history of the County Vol 1,2

by Lloyd, John Edward, Sir, 1861-1947

Published April 1903

A popular history of the ancient Britons or the Welsh people from the earliest times to the end of the nineteenth century

by Evans, John, Rev

Published 1901

The history and antiquities of the town of Aberconwy and it neighbourhood : with notices of the natural history of the district

by Williams, Robert, 1810-1881

Published 1835

Guide to Raglan castle, including many interesting particulars connected with its history ..

by Waugh, R., pub

Published [1889]

History of Carnarvon castle, and the antiquities of Carnarvon, with a guide for the tourist to the surrounding scenery (No kindle version)

by Pritchard, William, of Carnarvon, Wales. [from old catalog]

Published 1849

The history of the princes, the lords marcher, and the ancient nobility of Powys Fadog, and the ancient lords of Arwystli, Cedewen, and Meirionydd Vol 1,2,3,4,5

by Lloyd, Jacob Youde William, 1816-1887

Published 1881

Castles and strongholds of Pembrokeshire. With illus. from photographs by Wm. Marriott Dodsoh by Edwards, Emily Hewlett

Published 1909


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